Python Programming!

Do you or your child have an interest in computers? If so, this course could be the perfect introduction to programming. Whether you are interested in videogames, websites, or robotics, Python is the perfect place to start.

This course will teach Python 3, a very beginner friendly programming language used for a variety of purposes.

import colors as c
import time
while True:
    print(c.random() + 'Python is awesome' + '!' * 5,
    time.sleep(0.1) # 0.1 seconds

Skills taught

  • Proper Documentation Practices
  • Source Control
  • How to use professional tools including:
    • Github
    • Terminal
    • Visual Studio Code

Concepts taught

  • Loops
  • Libraries
  • Abstraction
  • Classes
  • Web requests
  • Conditional Statements


We will spend each day creating small programs to learn new concepts. These include an eightball program, a dice roller and many more.
Towards the end of the class, we will use all concepts to create a larger project.


I am available most weekends, and after 5 during the school year.


I charge $30 for a 2 hour session.
I can accept cash, check, or PayPal.