Front-End Programming!

Do you or your child have an interest in computers? If so, this course could be the perfect introduction to programming. Making websites is a great* place to start.

This course will teach HTML, CSS, and javascript. These are what make up every website you see on the internet.

* Making websites can be a tedious process, and many people don't find it quite as interesting as python. If you are new to programming, I reccommend you start there :)

Skills taught

  • Proper Documentation Practices
  • Source Control
  • How to use professional tools including:
    • Github
    • Terminal
    • Visual Studio Code

Concepts taught

  • Event handlers
  • Style Modifications
  • Layout Basics (and possibly bootstrap)
  • Making a website!
  • Combining html and css


We will spend each day creating small websites to learn new concepts.
Towards the end of the class, we will use all concepts to create a larger project.


I am available most weekends, and after 5 during the school year.


I charge $30 for a 2 hour session.
I can accept cash, check, or PayPal.